"Is Britain losing its religion?" Faith Child on BBC One - Sunday Morning Live

“Religion majors on law, relationship majors on love. We don’t have to be perfect to start a relationship (friendship) with God, but similar to how we pick up traits from our closest friends, through a relationship with God we will gradually pick up His traits, like forgiveness, love and patience.

As a Christian, my job isn’t to convince you that God is real, but to rather share my truth of my encounters with/of Him and His love, and leave room for it to resonate with you.

Christianity is often externally viewed as ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’ and as anti-culture, but God (and His written word - the Bible) is pretty much able to assist you through every aspect of life - depression, anxiety, finding purpose, relationships, conflict resolution, multiple streams of income, the blueprint to starting a business etc. The more we show the application of Christianity to 21st century living, the more we’ll create space for God in our communities and everyday life.” - Faith Child.